Fees - General Information

Booking Fee

Pursuant to Public Act 121 (MCL 801.4b), each person booked into the Grand Traverse Correctional Facility is required to pay a $12 booking fee. If an inmate receives a deposit into his/her account and the Booking Fee is outstanding, the Booking Fee will be the first transaction withdrawn from this deposit.

If an inmate who has paid the booking fee is later found Not Guilty or the charges are dismissed (on ALL charges), they may fill out a Booking Fee Refund Form for a refund of the $12.00 fee paid. Once all requirements are met, a check will be issued and mailed to the inmate. Click HERE to download the form.

Warrant Processing Fee

To comply with Public Act 2002, Act No. 631, House Bill 5047, a $10 processing fee will be collected in addition to any bond money obtained from or on behalf of a person arrested pursuant to a warrant.

Housing/Medical Fees

Pursuant to the Prisoner Reimbursement Act (Michigan Public Act 118 of 1984, MCL 801.81), Grand Traverse County seeks reimbursement from inmates for housing and other incurred expenses including but not limited to housing, medical, and indigent fees. This law allows counties to charge up to $60 per day for room and board in addition to any expenses the inmate may incur while incarcerated.

Inmates will be charged room and board for their served time after they receive a sentence. The rate charged is $40 for the first day and $20 for each additional day.

Inmates are billed a partial reimbursement for medical treatment and prescriptions received. No inmate will be denied medical service or treatment because of their inability to pay.

A debt statement will be provided to inmates upon release. Payment plans are available by contacting Inmate Accounting at 231-922-4539. Outstanding debt must either be paid in full or a payment plan established within 30 days.  If agreed upon payments are not received each month, the account may be turned over to a Collection Agency who may take legal action.  A Financial History Form is available that may be completed and returned for use in determining your financial status.  Click HERE to download the form.