Apportionment Commission

Upcoming Meeting Schedule & Agenda

All meetings will be held at:

Governmental Center, Commission Chambers

400 Boardman Ave. 

Traverse City, MI 49684

Meeting DateTimeAgenda PacketMinutesVideo
July 15, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
August 10, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
September 2, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
September 9, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
September 16, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
September 23, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
September 30, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
October 7, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo
October 21, 20212:00 P.M.AgendaMinutesVideo

Plan selected October 7, 2021:


Plans considered on October 7:

Reapportionment Plan T1 no precinctsT1 Submission                .pdf with precincts                                                        

Reapportionment Plan B1 no precincts (1)

B1 Submission        .pdf with precincts  

Reapportionment Plan A1 no precincts

A1 Submission         .pdf with precincts  

Reapportionment Plan G2 no precincts

G2 Submission        .pdf with precincts  

Commission Members:

  • Bonnie Scheele, Grand Traverse County Clerk (CHAIR)
  • Heidi Scheppe, Grand Traverse County Treasurer (VICE CHAIR)
  • Noelle Moeggenberg, Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Chris Cracchiolo, Grand Traverse County Democratic Party Chair
  • Lisa Trombley, Grand Traverse County Republican Party Chair


Grand Traverse County Commission from 1969 Forward

Governing Statute:


  1. All districts shall be as nearly of equal population as practicable
  2. All districts shall be contiguous
  3. All districts shall be as compact and as nearly square shape as is practicable
  4. No township or part thereof shall be combined with any city or part thereof unless such combination is needed to meet the population standard.
  5. Townships, cities, and villages shall generally not be divided.
  6. Precinct shall be divided only if necessary to meet population standards.
  7. Residents of state institutions who cannot by law register in the county as electors shall be excluded from a consideration of representation.
  8. Districts shall not be drawn to effect partisan political advantage.

Rules and Procedures

APPROVED July 15, 2021

Census Data

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