Additional Marriage License Information

Picking Up a License

Marriage license must be picked up prior to the wedding ceremony.
 Date of Application
 Date Available for Pick-Up
 Monday  Thursday
 Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

To receive the license before the 3rd day, you can purchase a waiver for an additional $100 fee.

Proper Licensing Requirements

Any clergyman or magistrate who shall join together in marriage parties who have not delivered to him a properly issued license, as provided for in this act, or who shall violate any of the provisions of this act, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of $100, or in default of payment thereof, by imprisonment in the county jail for a term of 90 days (MCLA 551.106).

Marriage Ceremonies

The marriage ceremony must be performed within 33 days of receipt of application.

For More Information

Contact the Clerk's Office during office hours for more information. Office hours are Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please check with the County Clerk’s Office for holiday schedule to find out when the office may be closed.