Circuit & Family Court Records


Grand Traverse County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining all civil, criminal, and domestic relations cases for 13th Circuit Court, through our Circuit & Family Court Records.

In general, civil cases involving claims for damages in excess of $25,000 are filed with the Circuit Court Records Division. They also handle the filings for review of administrative agency decisions, appeals from the District Court, civil matters regarding titles to property, criminal felony cases and divorces without minor children.

Family Court Records Division accepts filings in matters of divorces involving minor children, paternity and family support actions, petitions for personal protection orders and legal name changes.

Additionally, Family Court Records Division maintains all records for adoptions, emancipation of minors, parental consent waivers, juvenile offenses, and abuse and neglect matters.


The Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice is located on the south side of Washington Street east of the Historic Courthouse, half way between Boardman Avenue and Cass Street.

Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice

Glass building


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