Felony Non-Support

The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes those who are required to financially support their child but who fail to do so, according to law, in criminal court.

The goal of these cases is to enforce child support orders and help ensure a child is being financially supported, and if the person who has the obligation to provide this financial support fails to do so, ensure that justice is served according to law. To reach this goal, the Prosecutor’s Office works with the Friend of the Court (FOC), law enforcement, family, the District Court Judges, and the Circuit Court Judges.

More Information
  • To request a review of your child support case for possible criminal prosecution, contact your Grand Traverse FOC caseworker by calling 231-922-4660 or in writing at
    328 Washington Street
    Suite 200
    Traverse City, MI 49684
  • For further information regarding FOC, visit the FOC page.
  • For additional information and assistance regarding the prosecution of non-payment of child support, visit the Attorney General’s Office’s website.