Child Support / Paternity

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Child Support Division, in conjunction with the Department of Human Services, establishes Paternity and/or child support obligations for families in Grand Traverse County. The Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Michigan in these matters and not any particular individual party.


The goal of these cases is to establish paternity and obtain court-ordered child support so children can be financially cared for by their parents. In Michigan, both parents owe a duty to support their child.

To reach this goal, the Prosecutor’s Office assists families who receive public assistance and/or those who request our services by:
  • Applying the Child Support Formula Guidelines to establish a child support amount
  • Calling the Department of Human Services Office of Child Support Division at 866-540-0008
  • Filing cases in Family Court
  • Gathering income information
  • Obtaining a court order for child support
  • Pursuing genetic testing
The Prosecutor’s Office then refers the case to the Friend of the Court who assists families in resolving any custody and parenting time disputes and for any modification and enforcement of the child support order.


The following are instructions on starting specific cases or finding information.
  1. Start a Paternity or Child Support Case
  2. Start Paternity Case
  3. Locate An Attorney

Start a Paternity or Child Support Case

  1. Visit the DHS website “How do I apply for child support services?”
  2. Visit the MiCase website for a referral form (e1201) that you can complete online.
  3. Call the Office of Child Support at 866-540-0008
  4. Contact an attorney of your choice