The Prosecutor’s Office reviews all divorce cases filed in Grand Traverse County to determine if any of the parties are indicating that a child was born or conceived during the marriage but is not the husband’s biological child.


The goal in these cases is to ensure that every child has 2 parents to help financially care for them. To reach this goal, if there is an indication that the husband is not the biological father of a child, the Prosecutor’s Office assists the parties in understanding:
  • How to obtain the legally required genetic testing
  • What the law requires of them
  • What the law says
The Prosecutor does all of this so they can prove to the court that the husband is not that child’s biological father. 

Establish Paternity

If the court does issue an order saying the husband is not the father of a child, then the Prosecutor’s Office assists the mother in establishing paternity for that child.

Start A Divorce

In order to start a divorce, you can contact an attorney or file on your own.

Contact An Attorney

For assistance in locating an attorney contact the Grand Traverse / Leelanau / Antrim Bar Association at 231-668-7022 or gtlaba.org.

You may also contact Michigan Legal Help at michiganlegalhelp.org for more information.

File On Your Own

To file on your own, we recommend using any of the following resources:
  • Attend a free legal clinic
  • Contact Legal services of Northern Michigan at 231-941-0071 or lsnm.org
  • Contact Third level Crisis Center at 231-922-4800 or cfsnwmi.org/thirdlevel
  • Contact Women’s Resource Center at 231-941-1210 or womensresourcecenter.org/
  • Obtain the Michigan Divorce Book
Additional Forms
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