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Contacting the Friend of the Court office and MiSDU through the voice response system.

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  • If paternity has been established, visit Child Support Services online or call 866-540-0008.
  • If paternity has not been established call Child Support Services at 866-661-0005.
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If you wish to file on your own, we suggest obtaining the Michigan Divorce Book and contacting Legal Services of Northern Michigan at 231-941-0771.

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Public Notice

State of Michigan 13th Judicial Circuit Antrim, Grand Traverse & Leelanau Counties Publication and Notice of Friend of the Court Annual Statutory Review Public Notice

Annual review of Performance Record of the Friend of the Court

Under Michigan law the chief circuit judge annually reviews the performance record of the Friend of the Court. The review will be conducted on or about August 15, 2022. This review is limited by law to the following criteria: whether the friend of the court is guilty of misconduct, neglect of statutory duty, or failure to carry out the written orders of the court relative to a statutory duty; whether the purposes of the Friend of the Court Act are being met; and whether the duties of the friend of the court are being carried out in a manner that reflects the needs of the community. Members of the public may submit written comments to the chief judge relating to these criteria. Send your written comments, with your name and address, to:

Hon. Kevin A. Elsenheimer
328 Washington St, Ste 300
Traverse City, MI 49684