Recovery Court

About the Program
The Grand Traverse Prosecutor's Office actively participates in the 86th District Court's Recovery Court program. The Recovery Court is an intensive, treatment-focused program that provides support to alcohol and drug addicted individuals in attaining and sustaining sober lifestyles. Research and experience have shown that individuals who participate in intensive Recovery Court programs are less likely to commit future crimes such as drunk driving which endanger not only themselves but also our entire community. 

In a recent study released by the State Court Administrative Office, after 2 years, recovery court participants had recidivism rates for an alcohol or drug offense that were more than 3 times lower than their comparison counterparts. For more information, please view the Michigan Supreme Court document (PDF).

Prosecutor Involvement

Prosecutors participate in this program by offering placement in the program to qualifying individuals and also by attending weekly Recovery Court team meetings and review hearings where each Recovery Court participant's progress is discussed. Specific information regarding the Recovery Court program is available online.