Report a traffic issue

Reckless Drivers / B.O.L. (Be On Lookout)

If you are witness to a reckless driver that is jeopardizing the safety of the public and those on the road, please call 911 to report the vehicle. You will need to know what road you're on and the nearest cross street, vehicle description, license plate if you can safely obtain that and also a description of what the vehicle is doing. All of this information will be immediately broadcast for law enforcement units.

Disabled Vehicle

When you encounter a vehicle that is disabled and obstructing the flow of traffic, please report this on our non-emergency number 231-922-4550. Please do not attempt to direct traffic, we will send law enforcement to help with the flow of traffic.

Car Crash

If you witness a vehicle crash please dial 911 immediately so that we can obtain information and get the right help to them. Information that is useful to have includes: location, are any injuries?, vehicle descriptions, is it blocking traffic? and do they need a tow truck.

If you're involved in a vehicle crash please dial 911 immediately so that we can get help to you. We will need to know the same information as above. If you don't know your location, that's ok...we can use your phone GPS location to help determine where you are.

Ongoing Traffic Issues

If you are having an ongoing traffic issue, but it's not currently occurring we ask for you to call our non-emergency phone number at 231-922-4550.