Employment Opportunities

General Dispatching Jobs
Emergency Communications work is very difficult but rewarding. It involves the need for great focus, attentiveness, multitasking, and ability to keep calm because the cost of mistakes are serious and/or life threatening. The work is fast paced and ever changing, and allows employees to truly make a difference. We are the critical link and lifeline between citizens and public safety.

Keys for successful applicants include the ability to:
  • Reason clearly and analyze situations rapidly and accurately
  • Follow instructions quickly and accurately
  • Hear and distinguish between several voices at the same time while acquiring and retaining information
  • Function efficiently and calmly under pressure
  • Communicate effectively with irate persons and handle emotional situations
  • Operate complex computerized equipment rapidly and accurately
  • Monitor multiple screens simultaneously
  • Speak clearly, distinctly, and concisely
  • Read and understand maps
  • Utilize multiple technologies at once including radio, phone, and computer
Be a Part of the Team
The area of public safety communications is an important link between citizens and emergency services in Grand Traverse County. Each year, the Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch processes approximately 75,000 calls for service and over 100,000 phone calls per year. Grand Traverse County provides service to 16 public safety agencies including police, fire, and EMS for the population of over 100,000 people.
Our training consists of 4 phases that are structured in a way to allow for maximum learning, application, and successful completion.

Job Descriptions