Plans and Goals

Civic Center Master Site Plan

Developed and adopted in 2020, this plan combines a needs assessment, site inventory and analysis, and identifies concept plans for a redevelopment of the park grounds

Five-Year Recreation Plan (2018-2023)

The intent of a community park and recreation plan is to create an inventory of existing facilities and resources, identify community recreation and open space needs, and set a plan of action for a five-year period.  A current DNR-approved community park and recreation plan is required to be eligible for Land and Water Conservation Fund, Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and waterways grants. For the Recreation Passport grant program, either an approved community park and recreation plan or approved capital improvement plan may be used for eligibility. 

NRCS Conservation Plan - Maple Bay - Amended May 2023

This plan was developed and is managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The purpose of this plan is to identify how farming practices should be structured to meet the recreation and conservation needs of the property