Park Improvement Projects

We serve our mission by delivering an outstanding park experience consisting of beautiful facilities and well-maintained and accessible infrastructure. Following is a summary of current, planned, and completed projects to help us serve our residents.

Current projects

Civic Center Park Ballfield Outdoor Restroom Renovation - Fall 2023

  • Reconfigure interior layout
  • Replace fixtures and partitions
  • Increase lighting

Evaluate all exterior park signage and design new signage for replacement - Fall 2023

  • Corbin Design has been hired to conduct a complete site evaluation, develop a signage plan, create concepts and text for new signs
  • Following step will be to take the design work to bid for production and installation

Civic Center Park Seating Plaza Renovation - Spring 2024

  • Replace wooden benches (completed Spring 2023)
  • Replace concrete and pavers (late 2023 or 2024)

Develop 2024-2028 Five Year Recreation Plan-2023

  • Park Departments throughout the State of Michigan are required to file a Five Year Recreation Plan with the MDNR to be eligible for state-sponsored grants
  • The plan provides a complete description of the community, administrative structure recreation asset inventory, needs assessment, and goals and objectives for the five-year period
  • Extensive public input is gathered during the process through surveys and public input sessions

Civic Center dugout replacement - Spring 2024

  • Replace dugouts on fields 2 and 3 with universally accessible structures and new concreate pads and walkways

Future projects

Upgrade the restroom facilities at Medalie Park - 2024

  • Replace all fixtures, partitions, countertops, and toilets
  • Add exterior security cameras

Improve the plumbing inside the Civic Center serving the locker rooms and restrooms - 2024

  • Replace end-of-life fixtures, partitions and toilets
  • Improve internal plumbing to improve drainage

Pave parking lot near Civic Center amphitheater-Fall 2024

  • Replace gravel surface with asphalt
  • Replace adjacent driveway to increase life span

Replacement of the Civic Center walking track - 2024

  • Replace the walking track surface with new asphalt, remove the existing end-of-life pedestrian bridge, and identify and properly sign an ADA accessible route.

Add seven fitness stations along the walking track - 2024

  • Include 7 outdoor fitness stations for all abilities along the walking track

Upgrade the restrooms at the south end of Civic Center Park-2024

  • Replace all fixtures, partitions, countertops and toilets
  • Repair drain pipes to improve drainage

Boardwalk replacement at Natural Education Reserve-Winter/Spring 2024

  • Project underway by Grand Traverse Conservation District
  • Replacement of the Boy Scout Boardwalk and other walkway projects
  • Removal and rerouting of a trail in a flooded area

Recently completed projects

Bridge construction at Natural Education Reserve-Winter/Spring 2023

  • Project underway by Grand Traverse Conservation District
  • Construct small bridges and trail connecting the existing trails to the Great Lakes Incubator Farm

Replace the existing dog waste bag dispensers in all parks - Spring 2023

  • New dispensers with higher bag capacity
  • Consistent dispensers and bags across all properties to reduce cost and complexity

Civic Rec implementation - January 2023

  • Civic Rec reservation and registration software will revolutionize the way we interact with guests, making it easier for you to place a reservation and easier for our team to work with you. 

Website redevelopment - January 2023

  • Redesigning the layout of the Parks and Recreation pages on our site to make it easier to find the information you need. 
  • Increase the content to help you get to know us better and allow us to report on park activities, performance, and more

Replacement of HVAC unit at Civic Center-December 2022

  • Replacing the unit that serves the lobby and arena 

Removed asphalt from Maple Bay beach-October 2022

  • Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy staff and volunteers removed 5+ tons of asphalt from a former pier that had washed up on the beach. Additional removal of remaining asphalt will occur in Fall 2023.

Invasive vegetation removal and shoreline cleanup at Medalie Park-September 2022

  • Removed invasive species throughout the interior and perimiter of the property
  • Cleaned invasive and non-invasive vegetation from the shoreline to improve sightlines while retaining necessary vegetation for shoreline stabilization

Added second entrance/exit road to Keystone Soccer Complex-September 2022

  • TBAYS added a second road to enter and exit the property from Birmley Road, improving safety and guest satisfaction

Completed the Boardman Lake Loop Trail with Medalie Park as the South trailhead-July 2022

  • Cooperative project with TART Trails, Grand Traverse County, and the City of Traverse City, along with numerous community organizations 
  • Two bridges were installed at the East and west sides of Medalie Park
  • New pathway constructed through the park connecting the bridges

Expanded Power Island campsites from 10 to 15-May 2022

  • Obtained permit from EGLE to reopen five sites on adjacent Basset Island, bringing the total number of sites on the island complex to 15