Rennie School Rd

Site History

This Property had a 1.8 million special assessment attached for sewer and water infrastructure started by the previous owner.  The joint effort with Grand Traverse County Land Bank Authority the sale of this property and facilitated the repayment to Blair Township the special assessment on this property. 


The Rennie School Road project includes the redevelopment of Land Bank/Brownfield Property into a commercial retail outlet, commercial operations and storage, proposed multi-family housing, and residential development, along with associated public infrastructure improvements.

The redevelopment of the property is anticipated to include over $17.5 million of investment. This is a formerly foreclosed property that generated no property taxes in a strategic location for Blair Township’s commercial corridor and provides expanded opportunities for residents. The redevelopment will provide jobs, increase tax base,and stimulate additional private and public investment.

Project Success/Future Plan

The property is comprised of 71.53 acres. The property has been divided into three parcels:

1st Parcel: The east parcel covering 23.46 acres was purchased by Blain’s Farm and Fleet, for development of a retail outlet with an estimated investment of $10 million. In addition, three out lots along Rennie School Road and US 31 South will be split out and will be developed separately. This major development gave us the traffic flow needed for MDOT, to justify the installation of a 4-way traffic signal on US 31. 

2nd parcel: The middle parcel, approximately 27 acres (which includes a drainage easement for the east parcel). Phase 1 is under construction for the development of business storage and warehouse operations with an estimated investment of $7.5 million.  Phase 2 includes multi family housing planned for next year; 2020.  

3rd parcel: The west parcel is approximately 25 acres and is available for future residential development.

Collaboration between Developer, Road Commission, Blair Township, and Grand Traverse Land Bank will facilitate the extension of Stadium Drive to Rennie School Rd to allow better flow of traffic and safety for exiting Pit Spitters Park; utilizing the newly installed traffic signal.  

2maps Opens in new windowParcel 3 is still available for purchase.

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Brownfield Plan