Kirby Development

Site History
The Kirby project exists on the site of the former Boot Lake Dump, at 3820 Cass Road in Garfield Township. Redevelopment activities were ineligible for tax DNRE tax capture approval due to the potential liable parties associated with the contamination. The proposed project for this site includes the construction of a 75,000 square foot warehouse with an auxiliary office. The taxable value of the property has increased slightly since 2001; however future investment will be of greater benefit to Garfield Township.

The GTCBRA contributed $46,000 through the Local Site Remediation Revolving Fund to assist in the environmental studies to determine the width and depth of the environmental conditions on this property. The benefit to address the environmental conditions on this property continue to be considered through funding alternatives; as the traditional brownfield program of requiring the developer pay for all upfront costs and be reimbursed through the capture of TIF does not work on this project. The project does not capture enough TIF for the developer to be reimbursed for the eligible environmental clean-up activities.

The Brownfield Authority will continue to investigate alternative funding and clean-up mechanisms that will benefit the community.