4-Corners/Blarney Castle

Site History
These properties are located at the southwest corner of West Front Street and Division Street (US-31) in Traverse City. The properties have been developed since at least 1913, when a grocer occupied this corner. In the 1950s, a service station operation was developed on the southwest corner, which mirrored the land uses of the remaining three corners of the intersection. Three confirmed releases of gasoline and waste oil were recorded from this operation - mirroring releases at the 3 adjacent corner service stations as well. All releases at these sites have resulted in petroleum contamination so pervasive that gasoline floats atop the water table present 15 feet below grade at the intersection.
The redevelopment project has revitalized an under-used property, by creating a new medical complex. Approximately $4 million in private investment has occurred in this project. A unique aspect of this project was the ability of the GTCBRA to effectively negotiate with the private developer to purchase a multi-phase extraction system that will assist in the long-term goal of cleaning the entire 4-corner intersection.

In 2012, this plan was amended along side the "Four Corners Brownfield Plan" to enable a more coordinated environmental response to cleanup the commingled plume at this intersection.