Traverse City Place

Site History
This property is comprised of 23 parcels located along Front Street, Garland Street, and West Grandview Parkway in the City of Traverse City. Spatially, this is the largest and most diverse Brownfield projects ever forwarded by the GTCBRA. This area is historically one of the most industrial development areas within the region. Several of the 23 properties have "facility" status under the Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA).

Contamination from a former automobile service and truck repair business is prevalent. Heating oil and waste motor oil releases are documented at various properties and groundwater contamination from the old city Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site migrates through the heart of the area. Benzene and cyanide toxins from MGP operations affect groundwater all the way to West Grand Traverse Bay at the Open Space sea wall.
Future Hotel Indigo Sign on Building Wall


The Brownfield plan supports clean-up of these past releases and includes a planned streetscape with a river walk, and underground parking associated with a multistory boutique hotel. Through the latter development, soil impacted by petroleum products, chlorinated hydrocarbons from a dry cleaners, and cyanide from the former coal gas plant will be addressed. In addition, former land uses related to heating oil tanks, paint spray booth and a former bulk oil storage facility will be remediated.

It is anticipated that the redevelopment of the three parcels for the hotel will help spur redevelopment on the surrounding properties contained in the Brownfield plan.