Reporting My Change of Address

Changing your address with the MiSDU or with Department of Human Services or any other State agency, does not change your address at the Friend of the Court. When you have an address change, you must advise the Friend of the Court by completing the Case Update/Personal Information Form (PDF).


A Friend of the Court is required to send certain legal notices concerning your case to you. Such notices include, but are not limited to: 
  • Notices of changes to your support due to child care, insurance, or other medical expenses
  • Notices of child support reviews
  • Notices of income withholding
  • Petitions and orders to show cause


We are not required to find you; we are only required to send the notice to your "last known address."  When you fail to update your address with the Friend of the Court, these important legal notices will not get to you. As a result, you may fail to appear at a hearing, which could result in a bench warrant for your arrest. Or, if you fail to appear at a review, an order may enter without the benefit of your information.