Reopen A Closed Friend of the Court Case


In order to reopen a previously closed Friend of the Court case, you will need to mail or bring into the office the following:
  1. A written request to reopen your Friend of the court case, Friend of the Court Case Questionnaire and request for IV-D services
  2.  It is important you provide correct names, addresses, phone numbers and employment information for both you and your co-parent 
  3. A copy of your Judgment of Divorce (divorce cases) or Order for Custody, Support and Parenting Time (paternity and family support act cases) and any court orders that have been entered subsequent to that which address custody, support or parenting time.
  4. Copies of medical cards or other documentation for medical/dental coverage for children with insurance coverage.
  5. Copies of current picture driver's license or other picture identification and social security card.
Once this information has been received, a Friend of the Court case file will be opened, a case manager will be assigned and an order re-opening the case will be prepared and submitted to the court for entry.