Location, Parking & Arrival Time

The following lead to maps of the different Courthouses:
  1. Antrim
  2. Grand Traverse
  3. Leelanau
Antrim County
On the night prior to the trial  for which you have been selected as a juror, please call the Circuit Court Jury Duty line at 231-533-6054 to be sure the trial is still on schedule.

On the day you are scheduled to report, please go to:
The Circuit Courtroom
205 East Cayuga, 3rd Floor
Bellaire, MI  49615

There is a small parking lot in the front of the County Building. There are also 2 parking lots on Broad Street which is on the north side of the Courthouse – 1 on either side of Broad Street. There is also limited parking on the north side of Broad Street.

Handicapped Entrance
The Courthouse can be accessed on both the north and south sides of the building. If you require a handicapped entrance, this is on the west side of the building and is most readily accessed from the parking lot just off Broad Street.

Cell Phones
Please keep your cell phones off while in the Courthouse.