Juror Selection

How It Works
The Court's master pool of potential jurors contains all licensed drivers and persons with state identification cards in your county of residence. The Michigan Secretary of State provides the court with names of potential jurors through a computerized random selection process.
Not everyone who is summoned for jury service is eligible to serve. To serve as a jury in the 13th Judicial Circuit Court, the individual summoned must:
  • Be, in the judgment of the court, mentally and physically capable of performing the role of a juror
  • Be a resident of the county from which you received a summons
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be able to read, write and understand English, unless such person's  inability is due to a vision or hearing impairment which can be adequately  compensated for through the use of auxiliary aids or services
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be an active member of the armed forces
  • Not have been convicted of a felony
Excused Service
If you believe that you should be excused from jury duty, additional documentation is required. Each case is handled individually, and depends upon whether your circumstances fall within the statutory provisions for an excuse from service based upon undue or extreme physical or financial hardship.  

Upon receiving a summons, you need to direct a letter to the Circuit Court Administration Office for review by the presiding Judge.  Be specific and provide financial, medical and/or other proof regarding your hardship. 


Correspondence should be directed to the appropriate County Clerk:
  • Antrim County Clerk
    P.O. Box 520
    203 E Cayuga Street
    Bellaire, MI  49615
  • Grand Traverse County Clerk
    328 Washington Street, Suite 100
    Traverse City, MI  49684
  • Leelanau County Clerk
    8527 E Government Center Drive, Suite 103
    Suttons Bay, MI  49682
Pre-Paid Travel
Copies of pre-paid travel documents should be included if travel is the source of your hardship. Be sure to include contact information for notification regarding whether or not your request has been granted or denied.


Reason to be Excused
Documentation Needed
70 years old or older
If you do not want to serve, indicate this decision on your questionnaire and return to the Clerk
Physically / Mentally unable to serve
Current doctor / caseworker's note indicating inability to serve
Moved out of the county issuing jury summons
Copy of current driver's license or state ID showing new address
Convicted of a felony
Provide the state where the felony occurred and the date on the questionnaire
Served as a juror in the past 12 months
Where and when you served must be listed on the questionnaire
Religious reasons
Not excused - If you are called for jury duty, the Judge will determine if you should be excused
College student
Not excused - You will be rescheduled during your breaks