Air Boat Team

July 2003, The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office purchased a new, state-of-the-art rescue air boat with the aid of local community donations. The boat was custom built, by American Air Boats of Orange Texas.  The boat is powered by a 475 HP, 496 General Motors big block performance motor (balanced & modified by Mercruiser) with a three blade carbine fiber whisper prop (fan).

The boat was designed out of aircraft grade aluminum with a bottom capable of withstanding a direct impact to the hull. The air boat seats five comfortably, a pilot, copilot and three passengers.  The air boat team supports our Dive Team in an array of operations to include swift water rescue, dive team investigations and law enforcement efforts. The air boat, being able to operate in low water levels, open water and across ice covered bodies of water, makes it an invaluable and versatile tool for our public safety efforts.

The Story About How and Why We Obtained Our Air Boat