What Is Composting?

Composting is nature's own recycling system. Leaves, grass, and other organic matter provide a home and food supply for nature's recyclers such as bacteria, worms, and other microorganisms. These organisms feed on the plant material, breaking them down, and turning them into a dark, nutrient rich product called humus.

Purchasing Compost

Please note that Grand Traverse County does not sell compost. Contact the City of Traverse City at 231-922-4900 to inquire about purchasing compost from the City.

Why Compost?

As of 1995, Michigan law prohibits the disposal of yard waste in landfills. This means that we must use alternate methods to handle yard waste. Composting at home not only reduces our dependence on trucks to haul yard waste to large-scale compost sites, but it also provides us with our own source of rich humus to reuse in our yards and gardens.

Compost Benefits

  • Improves plant nutrition
  • Holds moisture in sandy soil
  • Improves compacted soil
  • Extends the useful life of our landfills