Recycling Services

Curbside Recycling

The most effective way to recycle is by subscribing to curbside recycling services. It is easier to place unsorted recyclables out at the curb rather than taking items to a drop-off location. To view a list of recycling service providers, visit the Waste Haulers page.

Drop-Off Recycling

All households of Grand Traverse County may recycle at any one of the drop-off sites located within the County.

What Can I Recycle?

The following is a list of acceptable recyclable materials. Acceptable materials may vary by service provider. Contact your service provider for details. 
Category Types of Acceptable Items
Types of Unacceptable Items
Glass (All colors accepted)
- Jars
- Wine bottles
- No light bulbs
- No mirrors
- No TVs, computers, monitors
- No windows
Metal - Cans
- Empty aerosol cans
- Foil
- Trays
- No car parts 
Paper - Cartons (food and beverage)
- Boxboard (Cereal boxes, shoe boxes)
- Cardboard
- Magazines
- Newspapers
- Office paper
- Phone books
- Unwanted mail
- No paper plates or pizza boxes
- No napkins, paper towel, kleenex, toilet paper
- No tissue paper
Plastic #1 - #7
- Detergent bottles
- Milk jugs
- Shampoo bottles
- Water bottles
- No garden hoses, lawn furniture or garden plastics

For More Information

Please refer to the Take It Back Recycling Directory.