Project Lifesaver

In 2005, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office started Project Lifesaver. Project Lifesaver is a partnership between law enforcement and the families and care-givers of those that have Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Autism, or Down's Syndrome that fosters a rapid response and rescue of a loved one that has wandered away and cannot return to home on their own. If a loved one does wander away from home, Sheriff Deputies trained in the use of the receivers will be able to locate the signal being transmitted from the bracelet and will then, in a short time, be able to locate the loved one.


Charged by citizen interest and private fund-raising, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office was able to purchase four receivers and signal emitting transmitter bracelets that are to be worn by those afflicted with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Down's Syndrome, or Autism. Grand Traverse County and the Grand Traverse Commission on Aging have provided monetary support for the purchase of transmitting bracelets for those afflicted with Alzheimer's disease and have limited resources.


If you have interest in the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office Project Lifesaver, please contact 231-995-5016, or email us.