Acceptance of Documents
Documents submitted by e-filing will be tentatively accepted the day received and will be time stamped.

Accepted Signature
Documents can be e-signed as: /S/ John E. Doe.

An attachment, when e-filing, is not a new document. Attachments refer to exhibits to a brief or affidavit.

Bundle Size
The maximum bundle size is 6 mega bites (mb). We strongly recommend that you set your scan resolution at 300 DPI with a black and white setting. Greater resolution is not necessary and will significantly increase your document's size.

Clerk’s Receipt of Document
How do I know if the document has reached the Clerk for review? From your Filing Status screen in TrueFile, each bundle submitted will have a "status:"
  • “In Progress” means the filing has not been submitted to the court.
  • “Accepted” means the document is conditionally accepted pending payment.
  • “Filed” means the filing has been received by the court and processed.
  • “Rejected” means the credit card payment did not go through or Clerk has rejected it for stated reasons.
Convenience & Processing Fees
A convenience fee of $8 and the processing (credit card) fee is applied only when the document is accepted by the Clerk.

Cover Letters & Proofs of Service
Cover letters and proofs of service are not to be filed. The TrueFile system will generate a proof of service. However, a proof of service would be required for filing if stating that discovery was served. For example - interrogatories are not filed with the court, but a proof of service is to be filed stating that interrogatories were served on an attorney.

Credit Cards
Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards are accepted. At this time, debit cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH) checks are not accepted.

Email Address

Do I send a copy in the mail to the other party if I do not know their email address? Yes, and provide a standard Proof of Service to the court as to who you mailed it to.

If the other party has not signed up on TrueFile but I know their email, how can I copy them? After you have uploaded the main document, in Step 5 you are able to choose Service Type and Recipients. Also, you are able to add service recipients from that status page.

Ex Parte Motions & Judgments
Proof of Service for Attorney
As the filing party, you can add an attorney Ad Hoc for service (until they add themselves as an attorney in the case by signing up through TrueFile).

Proof of Service for Pro Per’s Email -  A pro per’s email address can be added Ad Hoc for service in the proof of service.

Registering Firm/Attorney
When signing up firm/attorney, become friends with the court 1st and then create account. Only the Administrator of the firm/attorney friends the Court.

Rejection of a Document
It is the filer's responsibility to monitor their Filing Status to make sure all documents have been accepted for filing. When a document is rejected, only the firm that submitted the document receives the notification that it is being rejected, not everyone included on the proof of service.

Self-Represented Parties
Service Recipients
Service Recipients do not include the Friend of the Court or Circuit Court Administration as a party to be served with the filed documents. All documents accepted by the Clerk that are needed by the Friend of the Court or by Circuit Court Administration will be routed to them automatically.

Submission of Documents

Each document needs to be submitted separately, not as 1 continuous document. Motions, briefs, notice of hearings, etc., are to be submitted separately so that each document will receive a time stamp on its face page.

Multiple documents can be sent within 1 bundle. To file multiple documents within the same bundle, after uploading the primary file (1st document), continue past Step 5 where you will be given the option to "Add New Filing."

When you e-file a document with the Court through the TrueFile system, a copy will automatically be served on counsel of record that is associated with the case on the TrueFile site or that you have added as a recipient, a proof of service generated and a courtesy copy will be provided to the relevant Judge. You no longer need to separately email Judge’s copies to the 13th Circuit Court email address. You may continue to use the email address for correspondence or other communication you wish to make with Court staff, the Judges, or for Judge’s copies in all other case codes.