Sheriff's Office Release of Information

Information Released Through Local Media
The Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office responds to emergency situations on a daily basis resulting in the handling of thousands of complaints annually. Monday through Friday, the Sheriff's Office meets with the local media including but not limited to TV 9&10, TV 7&4, WTCM, and the Traverse City Record Eagle at the Sheriff's Office. During these meetings, the Sheriff's Office shares information with the media representatives about incidents that have occurred and that may be of interest to the public. This is also a time for members of the media to ask questions about topics that they are reporting on. We also talk with representatives of other news outlets regularly during the week and outside of our regularly scheduled news briefings.
Information Released Through Social Media
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On February 3, 2014, the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office officially kicked off the use of a new mobile app, "AppArrest." AppArrest allowed the Sheriff's Office to communicate to the public about vital information.  In March 2015 we began utilizing Facebook as a way for us to communicate information to the community.  As of August 2015 the Sheriff's Office discontinued the use of AppArrest and exclusively began using Facebook as a sole method of communicating information through social media.
Our decision to use Facebook for our information releases rather than AppArrest was based on many factors with the biggest reason being that Facebook allows us to reach more citizens with the information we want to share.
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