Corrections Division

2020 Employee of the Year

Deputy Steven Fasel

Steve Fasel

Current Assignment:  Corrections Officer

Steve Fasel is the 2020 Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division Employee of the Year.  He began his career with the GTSO in 2001.  He is a past supervisor of the Inmate Work Crew and currently serves as a Firearms Instructor and Corrections Training Officer.  He is part of the Airboat crew and, as with other tasks and assignments, excels with that responsibility.  He has adapted well to the changes within the jail due to COVID-19, especially in the area of technology with polycom and Zoom meetings becoming the norm for inmate communication with their attorneys, the courts, CMH, Community Corrections and various other entities. 

His supervisors praise him for being a fair, firm and consistent corrections officer and one that his co-workers can look to for guidance.  He is an excellent example of a loyal employee.