Hardship Extensions

About the Extensions
Hardship extensions are designed to delay foreclosure deadlines by 1 year for owners who are actively working to catch up their delinquent property taxes. Hardship Extensions are aimed at homeowners but may be granted occasionally for small, family businesses or commercial property that is the primary source of the owner’s income. 

The County Treasurer is allowed to grant hardships to property owners whose household income is at or below the federal poverty income standards. The Grand Traverse County Treasurer will consider extenuating circumstances that may create financial hardship even if your income is higher than the federal standards. We are willing to discuss your individual situation with you as part of the application process.

Granting of financial hardship status shall be for only current year(s) pending foreclosure. It extends only the time to pay the amount due. Additional expenses, interest, and penalties continue to accrue. We encourage everyone at a minimum to start making payments now as every little bit will help alleviate the additional interest charged.

Application Process

Fill out a Hardship Extension Application (PDF) to apply. The completed form along with supporting documentation should be returned to the Treasurers Office by the end of February.  

Setting Up a Payment Plan
The Treasurer will assist delinquent taxpayers to develop a payment plan as part of the application process.

Setting Up Automatic Bank Withdrawals

If hardship is granted you may be set up with automatic bank withdrawals (ACH). Please fill out the ACH Payment Authorization Form (PDF) to apply. The form allows those payments to be directly withdrawn from your bank account.

Hardship Agencies
If you or someone you know needs help with delinquent taxes don't despair. There are local agencies that may be able to help you with delinquent taxes if you qualify.  Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency(NMCAA) is an organization that works with the different agencies in the area.  Contact them at 231-714-4578 or visit their website at www.nmcaa.net/foreclosure.asp