Addressing Appeals

Appeal Minutes

The County's Addressing Ordinance Number 11, section F allows for appeals to be made against address assignments: 

"4. The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners shall establish an Address Review Committee composed of the following individuals or their designees:

a.) Grand Traverse County Administrator;
b.) Grand Traverse County Construction Code Director;
c.) A representative from the Grand Traverse County Road Commission;
d.) A representative from the Home Builders Association of the Grand Traverse Area, Inc.;
e.) A representative from the Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan.

5. The Address Review Committee shall meet as required to hear appeals, and the County Administrator shall serve as the Chair of this Committee.

6. The Address Review Committee shall have the purpose of reviewing and ruling on appeals to changes to existing addresses that do not conform to the requirement of this ordinance.

7. The Address Review Committee shall hear the appeal of an owner or occupant within thirty (30) days after he or she files a written appeal with the Address Authority."

Minutes of meetings are published below with the name of the appellant and the date the meeting was held: