Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the parcel ownership, the road centerline, official address, and other spatial databases. A spatial database is a database which associates information with a location. For example, the property ownership "layer" not only describes the owner, ID, and assessed value of a property, it precisely describes the location and shape of the parcel. In addition, the Equalization/GIS department maintains several County internet mapping applications.

The Grand Traverse County Equalization/GIS Department acts as a GIS service center providing custom maps, and conducting analysis upon request for county, local governmental units, and private sector agencies requiring geographically based information. It is envisioned that all capital improvements planning will be conducted on a fully integrated GIS system, which when fully implemented will allow analysis of the effects of the improvements on the population, recreational facilities, roads, etc.

Mission Statement

"The Grand Traverse County Equalization/GIS Department is dedicated to providing high integrity spatial data and spatial data products."

Vision Statement

"To aid county decision makers by providing reliable, easily accessed, and affordable GIS products to both public and private consumers."