Body Art

Those businesses and individuals who offer tattooing, body piercing (except for piercing of the ear), branding, and scarification and permanent cosmetic procedures must be licensed and inspected. These procedures have been associated with the transmission of Hepatitis B and may be potentially associated with the transmission of the HIV virus and other infections and communicable diseases. The body art facilities, equipment, and practices are evaluated to determine whether they are adequate to prevent the spread of disease.

All Body Art facilities are required to be licensed by the State of Michigan as well as Grand Traverse County.  Establishment licenses must be renewed annually.  All Body Art Technicians must also be licensed to operate in Grand Traverse County.  Operator/Technician licenses are valid for 2 years. Grand Traverse County fees and licenses are in additional to those from the State of Michigan. 

​In Michigan, any body art procedure that is not performed in a licensed facility (even if the procedure is free) is ILLEGAL.
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