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  1. Grand Traverse County

    Law Enforcement Center

    851 Woodmere Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686 (231) 995-5000

    FOIA Request for Public Records

    Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 442 of 1976, MCL 15.231, et seq.

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    Please note there is a fee associated with Freedom of Information Act requests and payment is due prior to the release of records. 

    The county is not required to provide records in a digital format or on a digital media if the county does not already have the technological capability to do so. 

  4. Please describe the public records you wish to receive. In order to expediate the search for the records, please be as specific as possible.

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      I have requested a copy of records or a subscription to records or the opportunity to inspect records, pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 442 of 1976, as amended, MCL 15.231 et seq. I understand that the County must respond to this request within five (5) business days after receiving it, and that the response may include a notice of a ten (10) business day extension. By clicking “I agree,” I hereby agree and stipulate to the ten-business day extension of the County’s response to this request.

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