2% Applications - Grand Traverse Band


The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians participates in an inter-governmental cooperative effort with local units of government. Twice each year, the Grand Traverse Band sets aside 2% of its video gaming revenue, to allocate to local units of government for services provided to the tribes and for impacts associated with the existence and location of the tribal casino in its vicinity (and shall receive no less than an amount equivalent to its share of ad valorem property taxes).
Application Form (PDF)
Guidelines (PDF)

Grant Applications

Grant applications are to be submitted by local units of government (i.e. local township, village, city, County Board of Commissioners, public school system).   Applications for the spring cycle are due to the Tribe on/or before May 31st and applications for the fall cycle are due by November 30th. In order to meet these deadlines, all applications through Grand Traverse County as the local unit must be submitted to the County Board of Commissioners for review and approval at a Board of Commissioners meeting prior to the Tribal deadline. 


Outside Agencies

At their October 2, 2019 meeting, the County Board of Commissioners went on record stating that they support 2% grant allocations specifically for services provided by and for Grand Traverse County.   In order to carry out the Board of Commissioners' resolution, department heads and elected officials should follow the guidelines provided.  Applications will only be supported by the Board of Commissioners if recommended by a department head or elected official as identified.  

Legal Contributions


In Grand Traverse County, if there are any questions regarding the services that can be legally provided by the County, our Civil Counsel should review the application to see if the services meet criteria.   (If so, the County may contract for these services.)

Helpful Information

Additional questions may be directed to Grand Traverse County Administration at 922-4780 or Mary Kelley at the Grand Traverse Band at 231-534-7601. Once applications are reviewed and awards announced by the Grand Traverse Band, recipient organizations chosen to receive 2% grants will be notified.