Eviction Diversion Program

Mission Statement

To prevent needless evictions by connecting tenants who are behind in rent with temporary rental assistance.

About the Program

In 2012, the 86th District Court implemented the Eviction Diversion program in conjunction with various public and private partners, including the Grand Traverse County Department of Health& Human Services, the Salvation Army, the Father Fred Foundation and others.  Modeled on other programs across Michigan, these partner organizations help qualifying individuals with rental assistance so they can avoid eviction and landlords can be paid rent in a timely fashion.

This program is a "win-win-win"for tenants, landlords and the court system.  Tenants are able to avoid eviction, landlords are paid the rent they are owed and the court is able to reduce the number of evictions carried out through the courts.  This program also has a positive ripple effect on our community.  Everyone benefits when fewer people are displaced from their homes due to temporary hardship.


The typical tenant helped through this program is approximately 1-3 months behind in rent and has sufficient income to sustain rent payments into the indefinite future.  Usually, qualifying tenants have experienced a short-term emergency like unexpected medical bill,car repair or temporary unemployment.


To learn more about the program, landlords and tenants should contact the Father Fred Foundation at (231) 947-2055.

Tenants are also encouraged to contact their caseworker at the Department of Health & Human Services if applicable.