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Twin Lakes Park Programming Application

  1. Links: Policies and Fees
    Please review the following policies and fees below. Once you have submitted your application, these links will be readily available to you in your e-mail for reference at any time.
  2. Contact Information:
    Please tell us who will be responsible for your event.
  3. Date of Event:
    Please answer the questions below to help establish dates you are interested in having your event.
  4. Please let us know the dates you are interested in programming, along with the timeframes of each program.
  5. If you already have an established schedule and have already checked the Gilbert Lodge availability calendar to assure there is availability, please upload your document here.
  6. Describe Your Event:
    Please review and answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge.
  7. Please tell us what programming you are requesting to hold within the Gilbert Lodge. Please note: Programming is considered as recreational classes or recreational group meetings. Examples of programming include educational classes, recreational club meetings (such as girls scouts or boy scouts’ meetings, hiking group meetings), and fitness classes.
  8. Parking Requirements: *
    Please check one.
  9. Signs, Displays, and Decorations: *
  10. All directional signs must be printed in a professional manner. Signs at the entrance of Twin Lakes Park must abide by the Long Lake Township Ordinance and be no larger than eight (8) square feet in area and may not be located within the road right of way. The only adhesive material allowed on the walls/pillars is drafting/painting tape which will not damage surfaces. No masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape, or double-stick tape is permitted. Decorations may not be hung with nails or screws, nor may they be used on the floors. Decorations may be freestanding. The use of birdseed, rice, flower petals, balloons, fog machines, and blowing bubbles are permitted outside for wedding and reception farewells. Confetti, glitter, pyrotechnics, sparklers, and are not permitted inside or outside the venue(s). Chiffon or netting combined with electricity it not permitted. No décor may be attached or displayed on any of the exhibits or artifacts. All décor items must be completely removed by Customer during the load out.
  11. Tables and Chairs:*
    NOTE: Exits are not to be blocked or obstructed. Compliance will all fire codes and regulations is required.
  12. There are twenty-two (22) eight-foot by three-foot (8’x3’) rectangular tables, fourteen (14) round (60" diameter) tables, and one hundred and ninety (190) chairs available for use.

  13. Fires and Candles: *
    Fires and candles are permitted. All candles or other fire receptacles must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director, and all candles must be used with glass covers. Only the County Parks and Recreation rangers on-site are permitted to light a fire (outside of grills), and only the existing fireplaces or fire pit on-site may be used.
  14. Electrical Services/Sound and Visual Equipment: *
  15. Standard electrical equipment permitted, serviced by 20 amp circuits. Any special electrical needs/equipment must be approved by the Director and staff electricians, and cost will be incurred by Customer. All sound must follow Section One, Item Six of the Park Rules. Twin Lakes Parks is surrounded by residential dwellings, therefore any amplified sound, such as that requiring a microphone and speakers, must be at a reasonable level and comply with the Long Lake Township Ordinance. Amplified sound such as that provided by a band or DJ is permitted in the lodge. Amplified sound is not permitted in the Pavilion or on the grounds, unless with permission from the GTCPR Director and Long Lake Township. Complaints can be made about the volume of an event at any hour of the day or night, and GTCPR staff reserves the right to lower the volume during an event. The first complaint brings a request to reduce the noise. The second complaint means an event is closed down.
  16. Certificate of Insurance:
  17. Certificate of Insurance: *
  18. Liability Insurance: A certificate of insurance of at least one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) is required (a copy of homeowners’ or business insurance will suffice). The insurance must cover the exact dates of the rental.
  19. Approval of your Application:
    Please keep in mind your application is just a request. Parks and Recreation Staff will review your request and check availability. If your requested date(s) is/are available, staff will reach out to you via email to approve your application.
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