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Civic Center Howe Arena Application

  1. Links: Policies and Fees

    Please review the following policies and fees below. Once you have submitted your application, these links will be readily available to you in your e-mail for reference at any time.

  2. Howe Arena

    Monday through ThursdayCounty Residents and Nonresidents 
    Full Day (24 Hours)$1,000 per Full Day 
    Half Day (12 Hours) $500 per Half Day 
    Meeting Space (Minimum 2 Hours)$50 per Hour

    Friday through Sunday County Residents and Nonresidents 
    Full Day (24 Hours)$2,000 per Full Day 
    Half Day (12 Hours) $1,000 per Half Day 
    Meeting Space (Minimum 2 Hours)$100 per Hour
    Monday through SundayElectrical 
    *110-Volt, Single-Phase per 100 SF of Booth Space 
    $30 per Vendor 
    Food Truck/Trailer/Vendor Permit Inside
    *Includes electric and grey water disposal$60 per Event, per Day
    Storage, Delivery Acceptance, Logistics Management by Parks and Recreation Department 

    $275 per Occurrence 
    Fine for Accessing Off-limits Areas/Areas Not Rented 

    $100 per Occurrence 


    Show and Exposition Reservations:  Require a $500 deposit with a signed agreement. Balance of cost for show/exposition reservation will be billed to Customer immediately following the event, with payment due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. 


    All Other Reservations:  Require a twenty-five (25) percent deposit at the time the reservation is made. Remaining balance is due thirty (30) days prior to first day of reservation.  


    All Reservations

    • May be made up to one (1) year in advance
    • Are on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Require a preliminary schedule when the reservation is made

    NOTE:  Howe Arena is leased to Centre I.C.E. each year between late August and mid-March, and is unavailable for rent during those months. 

  3. Contact Information:

    Please tell us who will be responsible for your event.

  4. Date of Event:

    Please answer the questions below to help establish dates you are interested in having your event.

  5. One-Day Event Entry:
  6. Please tell us the date you're interested in having your event. 

  7. If you're requiring multiple dates OR multiple facilities, please let us know those dates and their corresponding facilities here.

  8. Describe Your Event:

    Please review and answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. If logistics change closer to your event date, you may submit an "Application Amendment Form" up to thirty (30) days prior to your event date.

  9. If you are reserving more than one (1) facility, please list the facilities and timeframes you wish to reserve for a more specific tentative permit.

  10. For Dormitory or Cabin Stays, please enter the number of individuals who will be staying overnight.

  11. Parking Requirements: *

    Please check one.

  12. Signs, Displays, and Decorations: *

    Please inform the Parks Department of any large displays planned to be outdoors or outside of the arena and be sure to include all delivery vendors of equipment and supplies to the vendor list further down in this application.

  13. All directional signs must be printed in a professional manner. The only adhesive material allowed on the walls/pillars is drafting/painting tape which will not damage surfaces. No masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape, or double-stick tape is permitted. Decorations may not be hung with nails or screws, nor may they be used on the floors. Confetti, glitter, pyrotechnics, sparklers, and are not permitted inside or outside the venue(s). Chiffon or netting combined with electricity is not permitted. No décor may be attached or displayed on any of the exhibits or artifacts. All décor items must be completely removed by the Customer during the load out.

  14. Tables and Chairs:*

    NOTE: Exits are not to be blocked or obstructed. Compliance will all fire codes and regulations is required.

  15. Parks Department Tables and Chairs (If Available)
    White Folding Chairs 195
    Blue Stackable Chairs50
    Black Six-foot (6') Banquet Tables30
    Grey Eight-foot (8') Banquet Tables 18

  16. Tents: *

    NOTE: All tents MUST be sandbagged or water-barreled down. Tents may not be staked into the ground for any reason. The location and size of tents are to be approved by the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Director prior to reservation.

  17. Please include the number of tent(s), location of tent(s), and size of the tent(s) (maximum size allowed on park property is set at 30 by 75 feet).

  18. Fires and Candles: *

    Fires and candles are permitted. All candles or other fire receptacles must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department and all candles as decorative pieces must be used with glass covers. 

  19. If you are planning on bringing a grill/grill(s), please let us know how many and who will be managing them.

  20. Electrical Services/Sound and Visual Equipment: *
  21. Please include a layout map with the locations for all electrical needs, what they are for, what voltages are needed for each, and if there are any connections outside of the 3-pronged plug (include NEMA code).

  22. Planning Maps
  23. Map/Layout Uploads:
  24. Vendor(s):
  25. Please include all vendors for caterers, portable restrooms, trash management, pipe and drape, tent rental, banner management, smokers, bounce houses, table and chair delivery, etc.

  26. Request for Alcohol:

    Please fill in the following information if you're requesting approval for alcohol during your event. Please note: the High-Impact application allows for requests for alcohol for events that are open to the public.

  27. Please determine the number of minors who will be attending your event.

  28. Minors will be identified by:
  29. Types of Alcohol:
    • _(quantity)_ packs of _(volume)_ canned/bottled beer
    • _(quantity)_ cases of _(quantity)_ bottles/boxes of wine 
    • _(quantity)_ of _(volume)_ sized bottles of liquor/spirits
  30. Note: TIPS certified servers are required for events that have over one hundred (100) guests.

  31. Events Open to the Public:

    Please fill out the following if your event is open to the public.

  32. Alcohol Permit Requirements:

    Above are requirements that the State of Michigan requires for public events wishing to serve and/or sell alcohol to the public. Please check the requirements you have already completed.

  33. If you already have your Special License issued by the State of Michigan, please upload a copy here to include with your application.

  34. If you are not planning on adding the liquor liability onto your group's insurance documents, please upload your bartending services liquor liability insurance certificate. Please note: the Parks Department still requires your group certificate of insurance, listing Grand Traverse County as additional insured with at least $1,000,000 personal liability.

  35. Certificate of Insurance:
  36. General Insurance Requirements:

    Liability Insurance: A certificate of insurance of at least one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) is required (a copy of homeowners’ or company insurance will suffice). The insurance must cover the exact dates of the rental.

  37. Certificate of Insurance: *
  38. Requirements if Requesting Approval for Alcohol:

    Liability and Insurance.  Customer shall maintain, at own expense, liability insurance of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000).  The insurance must cover the exact dates of rental.  

    If the event is over one hundred (100) attendees or to serve alcohol, you will need approval from the County Parks and Recreation Director and shall maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance of one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Such insurance shall name the Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation as additional insured, and a certificate of insurance with an endorsement must be provided thirty (30) days prior to the event.  Alcohol may not be served to any minors. Compliance with the GTCPR Alcohol Policy is mandatory.  All bartenders are required to be TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) certified.

  39. Promotional Material:
  40. Feel free to upload your promotional material here. If you don't quite have it at this time, you may always upload it from our webpage under "Reservation for Events", then to "Already Have a Reservation". 

  41. Approval of your Application:

    Please keep in mind your application is just a request. Parks and Recreation Staff will review your request and check availability. If your requested date(s) is/are available, staff will reach out to you via email to approve your application. Once your application is approved, please be prepared to pay a deposit within seven (7) days of your approval email.

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