Step Forward Program

Step Forward Michigan online portal closed, but you can still apply by mail.  

They will be accepting applications until December 31, 2020.    APPLY HERE


Are you behind on your property taxes, mortgage payment or condominium fees?  If so, you don’t have to struggle alone.  You may qualify for an interest-free loan through the state run Step Forward Michigan program to help you catch up on those bills.

A health emergency, a layoff, a divorce - all of these can step-forward-print-hub-10x10inches-fullcause a home to fall behind on property tax or mortgage payments.  Step Forward Michigan is dedicated to helping Michigan homeowners get back on their feet and retain ownership of their homes.

Federally funded through Michigan’s Hardest Hit Fund program, Step Forward Michigan offers up to $30,000.00 in interest-free loans to Michigan homeowners who have fallen on hard times.  To qualify for assistance, a homeowner must have experienced a hardship that caused the delinquency, such as a death in the family, divorce, medical emergency, significant home repair, or job loss.

Besides being interest free, a loan through the Step Forward Michigan Program requires no monthly payments and is forgivable over a five-year period.  If the homeowner keeps the house as his or her principal residence for five years, the loan is no longer due.

Visit or call 866-946-7432 for more information.

The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency is available to assist clients with Step Forward Michigan applications.  They also offer free foreclosure prevention and budget counseling services.  Flyer with more information about Step Forward