2020 Food Service Fee Schedule

Establishment Type Fee
Type I      Bar $300
Type II     Cafeteria $450
Type III    Fast Food $450
Type IV    Table Service w/ Full Kitchen Facilities  
               0-50 Seats $450
               51-100 Seats $525
               101-150 Seats $600
               150+ Seats $650
Bar with Limited Food Prep $450
Schools $300
Churches $420
Commissary - Full Kitchen $450
Commissary - Storage Only $180
Mobile Unit - Packaged Food $180
Mobile Unit - Food Preparation $450
Satellite Meal Site $180
Seasonal Food Service (less than 9 months of operation) $350
Limited Food Service $350
Vending - Per Locations $40
Late Fee - Per Month, Charged on the 1st of each month $50
Temporary - Potentially Hazardous $120
Temporary - Non Potentially Hazardous $80
Temporary Late Fee (less than 5 business day notice) $50
STFU ** $155
STFU (501C-3) $116
STFU Inspection $90
STFU Inspection Late Fee (less than 4 business day notice) $50
Plan Review (Full) $600
Plan Review (Partial or STFU) $225
Plan Review (Schools) $355
  • ** STFU stands for Special Transitory Food Unit.  These fees are set by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  In addition to the license fee, two (2) paid inspections must be requested and paid for by the license holder prior to licensing the next year.  The license fee includes all state fees.
  • Multiple Service Site Establishments - Establishments with more than one food or drink service area will have their fee computed using the largest appropriate base fee, plus $300 for each additional service area.
  • Satellite Meal Site - no food preparation.  Food served is prepared at a licensed food service facility.
  • Non-profit  - All Governmental or 501C-3 organizations can request in writing a credit of $25 on any of the above fees except STFU license, which is shown above.
  • Second Follow-up Inspections on uncorrected critical violations will be billed at $50 each occurrence