Not only are licenses legal proof that a dog belongs to you, but they are an excellent way for any individual to know if an animal has been vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, licenses allow for a lost or found pet to be returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible. Licensing your dog is also the law.

Michigan state law (MCLA 286.262) requires all dogs 4 months of age and older be licensed in the County in which they reside. Licenses must also be physically worn by dogs when they are outside of their home environment.

To obtain a license, contact our County Treasurer's Office. Many local veterinarians offer dog licensing services as well.

Kennel Licensing Information

  • On site kennel inspections are required each year before purchasing a kennel license.
  • Inspections start in the second week in April.
  • Kennel owners will be given a renewal reminder by mail each year
  • All kennel license renewals must be purchased before the June 1st deadline to avoid any late fees.

Kennel License Fees

  • Inspections: $15
  • 10 dogs and under: $10
  • More than 10 dogs: $25