Animal Control

About Us

The Grand Traverse County Health Department provides limited Animal Control (AC) services for all of the Grand Traverse County. The Animal Control Division is an extension of the Communicable Disease Program for the control of Rabies and other zoonotic diseases. 

​Canine Welfare Check 

If you know of a situation where you believe a canine's welfare may be in jeopardy, or for any routine matters, please contact our Animal Control Division's main office at 231-995-6080

For dangerous situations involving animal neglect, abuse, endangerment, or any life threatening situations: Please call 911.

​Rabies Quarantine Process 

If your your canine was bit you are required by State Law to quarantine your animal for 10 days. Read or download the facts on our quarantine process (.pdf)

​Canine Sheltering Service 

Sheltering services for dogs from Grand Traverse County are located at the Cherryland Humane Society. If you are looking for a dog or turning in a stray dog, please go the Cherryland Humane Society located at 1750 Ahlberg Road.

Michigan Hay Bank 

Need help feeding your horses? Michigan Hay Bank can provide assistance. 

Animal Control Ordinance