Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)

Pregnant Belly

Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) is a program that helps all Michigan women who are pregnant and on Medicaid, as well as all infants with Medicaid. MIHP provides support to promote healthy pregnancies, good birth outcomes, and healthy infants.



  • Maternal and infant health, psychosocial and nutritional assessment completed by a nurse, social worker, or nutritionist.
  • A team, including a Registered Nurse, Licensed Social Worker and Registered Dietician, that develops beneficiary care plans.
  • Coordination with MIHP services with the beneficiary's medical care provider and Medicaid Health Plan (who assist and supplement that care).
  • Home or office visits from the Registered Nurse, Licensed Social Worker, and Registered Dietitian to provide interventions based on the beneficiary's plan of care.
  • Transportation service arrangements if needed.
  • Referrals made to local community services (i.e. mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, basic needs assistance, etc.) as needed.
  • Referrals to local childbirth education or parenting classes.

Helpful Resources

At the Grand Traverse County Health Department, we're here to help you get the help you need. Contact us at 231-995-6130 and our professional MIHP staff will assist you.

Stage-By-Stage Informational Documents Available for Download:


Get care for these POST-BIRTH WARNING SIGNS:

Safe Sleeping

Michigan Families are encouraged to keep their babies sleeping safely!

Watch this cute youtube video about babies and safe sleep.

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