Reproductive Health for Women & Men

Our Reproductive Health clinic is between Airport and Hammond on the east side of LaFranier.  Our direct phone number is 231-995-6113.  


Clinic appointments are available Monday-Thursday. Clinics ares staffed with a Public Health Nurse, a female Nurse Practitioner, and a female Physician Assistant. You can usually be seen within 1-3 days of your call.

Clinic Hours:
  • Mon 8am-4:30pm (closed for lunch 11am-12pm)
  • Tues 8am-4:30pm (closed for lunch 12-1pm)
  • Wed 8am-4:30pm (closed for lunch 12-1pm)
  • Thurs 8am-4:30pm (closed for lunch 12-1pm)
*We welcome all patients to our clinic and do not discriminate by age, national origin, creed, religion, ethnicity, race, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation,   gender identity, political affiliation, marital status, number of pregnancies or contraceptive preference.
Please call 231-995-6113 to make an appointment.

After Hours Care

If you are having symptoms of a Medical Emergency (loss of vision, numbness, slurred speech, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc...) call 911 or seek medical attention at your private medical provider, emergency room, or the urgent care walk-in clinic.

Available Services at Our Clinic

  • Annual Gynecological Exams
  • Birth Control - most types (view more on types of birth control)
  • Pap Smears
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Tests and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • HIV Testing
  • Breast Exams
  • Transfer of Care from OB-GYN Offices or Primary Care Providers for birth control


All clients, including adolescents, have a right to full privacy. Confidentiality will not be broken without clear verbal or written consent, as required by law. Parent permission is not required for teens to receive services.


We participate with Medicaid, the Healthy Michigan Plan, and other insurance programs. We can also help you apply if needed.

Some tests and services are free of charge, other services are charged on a sliding fee scale based upon income. Adolescents will be charged based on their individual income (not their parents). Donations are accepted, but no one will be denied services because of inability to pay.

Family Planning Advisory Committee

Let your voice be heard! Consider joining the Family Planning Advisory Committee. The committee meets at least twice a year to shape, guide, and support the Grand Traverse County Reproductive Health Program. Examples of activities include the review of program goals, operations, budget priorities, marketing, outreach activities, and educational materials. Gas cards may be available for community members and clients that would like to attend.

Note:  Please call the clinic if you'd like further information about attending the next Family Planning Advisory Meeting.  231-995-6113.

The Reproductive Health Program is funded in part by the Federal Title X Program.