Appealing to the Board of Review

Assessment Notices
Each year, prior to the March meetings of the local board of review, assessment change notices are mailed. These informational notices include state equalized value, taxable value, the percent of exemption as a principal residence or qualified agricultural property, and whether or not an ownership transfer has occurred.

Appealing the Assessment
If you believe the assessed value is more than half the value of your property, you may appeal the assessed and/or taxable values at the March Board of Review. You can obtain information about the specific meeting dates and schedule an appearance with the Board of Review by contacting your local assessing office. The Board has no control over millage rates or property taxes.

Common Reasons to Appeal
Other reasons to appeal to the Board of Review would include:
  • Classification: Indicates the use of your property (There are 6 classifications: Agricultural, Commercial, Developmental, Industrial, Residential, and Timber Cutover)
  • Status: Certain properties are tax-exempt
  • Equity: All properties within the jurisdiction are to be assessed at the same ratio: 50% of True Cash Value
  • Hardship: Poverty stricken property owners can request tax relief from the Board of Review through a hardship (Household financial documentation will be necessary)