Immunization Waiver Information

Law Changes

In 2014, the State of Michigan modified the requirements of how non-medical waivers for immunizations, of school and childcare programs, are processed. The new rule took effect on January 1, 2015 and will be required for all future school years.  Non-medical waivers include those that are requested for either religious or philosophical reasons.

For parents requesting a non-medical waiver, an educational/informational meeting with a Public Health Nurse, is now required before waivers can be certified.

This state requirement applies to parents seeking an immunization waiver on behalf of their children enrolled in a public or private:
  •   Licensed childcare, preschool, or Head Start programs 
  •   Kindergarten, 7th grade, or any newly enrolled student into the school district

Religious/Philosophical Reasons for Waivers

For parents seeking a non-medical waiver (religious or philosophical), please contact us at 231-995-6131 to make an with an appointment with a Public Health Nurse today.

Only waivers that are for specific medical reasons, can been certified by Primary Care Physicians and do not require a meeting with a Public Health Nurse through the local Health Department.

Please see the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for additional information on Immunization Waivers.