Traffic Division

Traffic Citations
Civil Infraction traffic tickets are processed by the Traffic Division in the county in which the citation was written. Defendants have 10 calendar days to make an appearance.

Answer a Citation
An appearance can be in person, in writing or by calling the court to request a hearing. The reverse side of the citation includes space for choices of plea or hearing types. Failure to answer citations can result in additional fees being assessed, issuance of arrest warrants and suspension of driving privileges through the Secretary of State.

Respondents may request an Informal Hearing with the Magistrate or a Formal Hearing before the Judge.

Failure to Appear
A default is entered on a ticket when the defendant fails to appear. Failure to respond will result in an additional $25 fee.

Possible Pleas

Respondents may:
  • Admit responsibility and pay the fine
  • Admit responsibility with an explanation
  • Deny responsibility and request a hearing
Upon admitting responsibility or being found responsible, the violation is reported to the Secretary of State.