Twin Lakes Park Programming (Reoccurring Events)

Twin Lakes Park Programming

Thank you for your interest in bringing your programs to Twin Lakes Park! Please note that programming is only offered in the Gilbert Lodge at this time. Programming is considered recreational classes or recreational group meetings. Examples of programming include educational classes, recreational club meetings (such as girls scouts or boy scouts’ meetings, hiking group meetings), and fitness classes.

  1. May - October Programming
  2. November - April Programming

Days Available

Monday - Thursday 


County Residents
$25 per hour 
$30 per hour 

Class Hours

Classes must be scheduled between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Any class looking to schedule outside these hours must be approved by Director. 


Please note that the following deliverables are required before entering into a Programming agreement with the Parks and Recreation Department. 

  • Programming Application Form, Due Thirty (30) Days in Advance. 
  • Copy of Certification of Insurance, Due Thirty (30) Days in Advance.

Once the above deliverables have been turned in, the Parks staff will generate your agreement and send it to you via DocuSign. You can sign and return electronically unless requested otherwise.

After the agreement is executed, the following deliverables will be required throughout the “term” of the agreement.

  • Schedule of New Dates (based on availability), Due Seven (7) Days in Advance of Each Occurrence.  
  • Paid Monthly Invoices, Due Within Thirty (30) Days of Receipt. 

Note: Agreements for Twin Lakes Programming will have one (1) year terms ending on December 31 of the year of execution.

Make your Reservation

To begin your reservation for your programming at Twin Lakes Park, complete the application. If you have any questions or concerns, call us in the Parks and Recreation Office at 231-922-4818. 

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