Civic Center Athletic Field Reservations


  1. For One-time Athletic Field Reservations: 25% Non-Refundable Deposit, Due at Time of Reservation.
  2. For Leagues Only: Submission of a $200 League Deposit, Per League, Due at Time of Reservation.
  3. Full Balance of Fees, Due Thirty (30) Days in Advance
  4. Copy of Certification of Insurance, Due Thirty (30) Days in Advance

Once the above deliverables have been turned in, the Parks staff will generate your agreement and send it to you via DocuSign. You can sign and return electronically unless requested otherwise. 

Additional Requirements for Athletic Fields: 

  1. If Applicable: Field Orientation with Grounds Coordinator, Due Ten (10) Days in Advance
  2. If Applicable: Key Sign-Out Form, Due Ten (10) Days in Advance
  3. Return Signed Waivers and Key, Due Three (3) Days Following
  4. For Leagues Only: Evaluation Program Assessment, Due Thirty (30) Days Following
  5. For Leagues Only: Invoice Paid, Due Thirty (30) Days Following

View the Civic Center Athletic Field User Policy (Eff Jan 2019) for more information on reserving Athletic Fields for Leagues, Tournaments, and individual dates.

Make Your Reservation 

If you are interested in reserving Athletic Fields at Civic Center Park, please complete the following Civic Center Athletic Field Reservation Request Form. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us in the Parks and Recreation Office at 231-922-4818. 

Reservation Payment

If you would simply like to make an online payment towards your reservation balance, please use the:
Parks and Recreation Payment Link

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