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Day Trips

Enjoy a one-day excursion via deluxe motorcoach transportation. These trips are a perfect way to enjoy traveling hassle-free, including comfortable seating, onboard restroom, and front door drops off and pick up.  Registration is accepted on a first come first serve bases with payment in full and all necessary forms completed.

Extended/Overnight/International Trips

Ranging from 3 to 15 days of travel and may include flights, deluxe motorcoach transportation, or both.  Once at your destination, you will enjoy your stay at a luxury hotel with a perfect mix of scheduled activities and downtime to see all the highlights the area has to offer. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve bases with an initial down payment and all necessary forms completed. 

2023 Senior Center Network Trips

  1. Girl's Day Out Consignment Shopping -Trip Pictures 
  2. Alaska Trip- Pictures
  3. Pacific Coast Highlights
  4. AQS Quilt Show 
  5. Ark and Creation Trip-Pictures
  6. Grand Experience
  7. Veterans Day in Branson 
  8. Grand Traverse Seniors Day on the Bay- Trip Pictures
  9. Frankenmuth Trip

Girl's Day Out Consignment Shopping

Day trip: May 9, 2023  

2023 Girls Day Out

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