Inmate Phone Calls / Video Visitation

Beginning October 2, 2023, we will be transitioning the communication system used by incarcerated individuals at the jail from Securus to (CPC) Combined Public Communications.  During the week there will be disruptions to phone call and video visitation services.

Incarcerated individuals have received information about the transition and have been instructed to inform friends and family members to reduce funds on their Securus accounts by October 2nd.  This will help to avoid potential difficulties when our system is switched over and refunds may be needed through Securus.  Phone services will be switched over to the CPC platform on Tuesday October 3rd and calls will only be available from funded CPC accounts.  To learn more about phone call accounts CLICK HERE.

On site and remote Video visitation will be suspended the week of October 2nd.  To set up a CPC account for video visits and to schedule future visit events CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Combined Public Communications CLICK HERE.

Additional Details related our jail communication system services will be provided in the near future and as the transition takes place.  Thanks again for your patience!


Please follow the instruction link below to connect with your incarcerated friend or family member at the Grand Traverse County Jail. You are able to set up phone and video accounts through the Securus website. Setting up the Advance Connect phone account first is suggested if you are also going to use the video visitation system.

Securus Account Creation Information (Click Link)

Grand Traverse County Jail does not offer digital postcards or e-messages.  In the event you attempt to pay for these services you will not be refunded for the cost by Securus.


Visiting From Anywhere is Easy!

Enjoy your Video Visit Anywhere with Internet access* from your Android or Apple Smartphone, tablet, or computer with webcam.

Fee associated with remote video visitation are as follows:

20 Minute Visit = $6.95
40 Minute Visit = $13.95

7 Days a week 8am - 5pm, 1 free 30 minute visit per week on our lobby kiosks.  (Visits must be scheduled 24hrs in advance)